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A collection of very useful graphic organizers that allow first time document based question essay writers to ease into the rigor of the ultimate AP History task. These organizers allow students to systematically go through the organizational process of DBQ essay writing by using a ‘scaffolding’ teaching methodology. These organizers have a proven track record. They also can be adapted to all historical genres of DBQ type essay activities.

In a personal narrative essay, a writer shares his or her thoughts and feelings about an event in his or her past with an audience. In this pack, students will move through the writing process to compose a personal narrative essay.

The pack includes a step-by-step process, brainstorm/planing page, peer edit checklist, and suggested marking rubric.

This PowerPoint presentation has been very useful teaching first time History essay writers to construct a cogent thesis statement. This presentation allows students to go through a step-by-step ‘scaffolding methodology in building thesis statements for most free response essay question, particularly Document based questions. The presentation’s use has a proven track record and can be adapted to all historical genres of free response essay activities.

The 5 Paragraph Essay is a fundamental tool. Students cannot become proficient essay writers without the basic outline/content skills of a 5 paragraph essay.

My student’s essay skills have skyrocketed with multiple opportunities to master the 5 paragraph format. This document includes:

1 essay scoring rubric (gradebook friendly)
1 essay outline format
1 summative content assessment

 This organizer should be copied and distributed at the beginning of the year in every Language Arts class, to be used as a year-round reference. It is the synthesis of over 20 years of preliminary checklists I’ve composed to help students, from 5th grade through 9th grade, to build strong, clear, insightful response-to-literature essays. Too often, students ramble on about literature as if they are merely expanding upon the elementary book report concept of showing that they read and understood the book. By middle school age, however, essay writers should share more than their mere comprehension; they should share their ability to interpret, connect with, and present those findings clearly, convincingly, and concisely. This checklist will keep them focused, help them edit and revise, and help them edit for each other, too. No peer editing of response-to-literature essays should occur without all students reading this packet first.