How To Work Out A Proposal

It’s nice just to get a ballpark figure of what the finished product would look like they want something that looks like it is academic it is a proposal that is not half-baked it’s realistic we work with a lot of students who have a great idea for a topic but it’s really important for your committee to know that you know the research that has been done before there’s a physics professor that I work with quite a bit on campus he said he had a grad student who kept coming to him and saying to him I have this great idea and the professor says that my friend the professor says um not really that was done in like 1986 but he but it hasn’t been done my way not really that was done in 98 right so what kind of credibility does that student have with his advisor at that point it go back and figure out what’s been done so that they know that you’re going to contribute to that body of knowledge. Find examples of proposal essays at Edusson.

And not just rehash something that somebody already did right so so it’s kind of like so they’re going to ask you your vices are going to ask you to go back and do your homework if you come up with an idea and say okay I have a new way of doing something I know it’s going to work they’ll probably say that’s great that’s a great idea now go back and show me how that idea came about okay where did that idea come from that happens then in doing that literature review or that study okay literature reviews I find trip students up more than anything else the methodology seems pretty easy even the results if you’re doing a quantitative study you know go okay I’m going to survey this many students or I’m going to do this you know I’m going to do this many experiments I’m going to find out what this happens I’m going to you know run this statistical test I’m going to present these results pretty straightforward right.

But that introduction back or how much is enough you know that usually trips students up a little bit so figure that out look at sources that lead to other sources one of the things that I like to do is when I’m first exploring a topic I don’t exactly know who the big scholars are in the field if it’s a new topic to me does that make sense you just don’t know so what I’ll do is I’ll look at a lot of literature but you can’t put all of that literature in a literature review that oh my gosh you have to pick and choose because there’s so many articles out there have you have you been kind of overwhelmed when you when you go to even Google Scholar you go to the Tambu databases they say you put in a topic and it says you know 12 million hits you go it’s overwhelming one of the ways you can sift that down is saying okay who are the big players I’m really only going to refer to the big players in that field.