Kinds of Wine

The Many Different Kinds of Wine

There is nothing better than a good meal combined with a fine wine. White wine goes perfectly with a meal of fish or chicken, while red wine is just as good with red meat.

There are many different kinds of wine, much more than you would realize.

France and Italy are the two countries that export the most wine throughout the world. The United States is also known for producing some quality wine, particularly in California.

Wines can be named after the wine-maker, the vintage (which is the year that the grapes were grown), or the place where the wines were made. Most of the time though, wines are named after the type of grape they are made from.

Here is a look at some of the most well-known types of wine.

  1. Sparkling wine

Better known as champagne, sparkling wine is a clear and bubbly liquid that is mostly enjoyed during celebrations. There are many different kinds of sparkling wine. Some champagnes are made from white or red grapes, these are normally known as Blanc de Blancs.

  1. Aperitif

These are wines that are served as appetizers before a meal. Some examples of an aperitif are dry sherry and vermouth.

  1. Red wines

Red wines are best served with red meat dishes or pasta. An example of a popular red wine is Cabernet Sauvignon.

  1. Rose dinner wine

Also known as blush wine or pink wine, rose dinner wine is closely related to red wine. It has a sweeter flavor and a light pink color.

  1. White wine

White wine is best served with fish or chicken. It complements the natural aroma of different foods and is delicious when chilled. Examples of white wines are Chardonnay and Chablis.

  1. Table wine

Table wines normally do not contain any more than 14% alcohol. Tables wines are available in red, white, or pink.

  1. Dessert wine

Dessert wines are normally very sweet. Sweet sherry is an example of a dessert wine.

  1. Cooking wine

Cooking wine contains salt, and is not intended for drinking.

Now that you know most of the varieties of wine that are available, feel free to experiment with different wines. You will discover that wine can often be extremely versatile.