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Trying New Things is a Good Thing

You probably will have heard of the cliché: life is a journey. But as with every platitude there is truth in this. One way or another, life is a journey to discover yourself, the world, and how you interact with it. Even if you want it or not.

Remember when you were a kid? Everything was new and everything had to be explored. Life as a kid is very vibrant. Somehow when we get older we lose this notion a bit. When we grow up, more rules are in place, more rules and more obligations. Before you know it, you are in a daily routine of sleeping, working, consuming which seemingly never ends.

For most people, many things become a routine when they become adults. This is also when the lows set in. Do not get me wrong, routines are part of life and are good to achieve some quality of life. If you do things more often, you get better at them. But I am convinced that in this modern world, we are overly routinized. Everything becomes standardized. People are afraid to lose their possessions, what they have, and therefore stick to the things they know best.

Again this is common human behavior. But so is the urge for say, self-destruction. In other words, the fact that it is common human behavior does not mean that it makes us happier. For millions of years, humans were part of free, wandering tribes, roaming the earth. And along the way we were bound to engage in some surprises. Our genetics evolved to cope with this, and made that we actually get pumped with adrenaline when experiencing new things (in a good way).

That is why, if you are feeling on a low, it could be beneficial to force yourself onto new challenges. New experiences will sharpen your senses, will make you feel alive. Only if you are really doing it, you will exactly know what that means.

For instance, if you are stuck in finding a good challenge, try one or more of these:

–       Taking a new route or transport to work

–       Eat something you have never eaten before

–       Cook something you have never cooked before

–          Go to a country where you normally never would go to (i.e. go to Myanmar instead of Italy)

–       Wear new clothes you would normally never wear

–       Talk to people out of your social group (i.e. talk to someone in the café next to you)

–       Learn a new (physical) sport or activity as surfing, climbing

Some of these may sound scary at first. But once you completed a challenge for the first time, you will feel joy that you had the guts to take a go at it and you will feel proud that you did something new. You broke out of your routine.

And remember, what is the worst that can happen? Picture that scenario in your mind, laugh at the outcome, and do the new thing. Because trying new things is the best thing. Doing something you did before is inferior. Remember this when you hesitate to engage in a new experience.